Nautical News
March 1, 2019

Farmed Salmon
Atlantics: Market is unstable, and we are seeing supply and price fluctuate.
Steelhead/Trout: Good supply on large Steelhead but no supply on small. Steelhead prices are increasing. There is good supply on all sizes of Trout.

Wild Salmon
Wild Pacific Salmon: Season is closed. C2C has previously frozen for all winter programs.

Norwegian Halibut available. Last Shipment of Norwegian Halibut will be received in C2C March 4. Pacific Season is expected to start March 15 with hooks in the water at noon. C2C BC is expecting Pacific Halibut in March 20 and C2C AB March 22, weather permitting.

Oysters : Good supply on all East Coast oysters. Supply on West Coast Diana’s Oysters are starting to stabilize. Prices are rising in the market for both West and East coast oysters.
Mussels : There is a good supply on both West and East Coast Mussels.
Clams/Sea Urchin: There is a good supply on clams. West Coast Sea Urchin season has started, check with C2C for availability.

There is a sufficient supply on all Groundfish, but supply may vary due to weather.

Iceland Groundfish
Cod/Redfish/Saithe: We are seeing a steady supply of all Icelandic Groundfish.

Philippines : Supply is good on Mahi Mahi. Artesmar Ahi Tuna is in good supply as well.
New Zealand : It's Summer time in NZ. Supply is good on most species. Combine variety of species in our own unique Ike Jime pack available thru C2C.

Supply is good.

Spot Prawns
The season is closed. The new season is predicted to start in May.

Albacore Tuna
West Coast(OW): West Coast fisheries are now closed. C2C has a good supply secured for our needs.
Imported: C2C has a good supply on imported Albacore.

Nautical News
March 1, 2019
East Coast

Eastern Canada
Oysters: Both French Kiss and Beausoliel oysters are not available, but supply may vary due to weather / ice. 33ct standard and Small Choice are not available. All other oysters are in good supply.
Clams: Littleneck and Pasta Clams are all in good supply. Pasta Clam prices are high. Cherrystone supply is minimum to none.
Live Lobster : Supply is good, the price is still high.
Lake Fish : Yellow Perch and Whitefish are in good supply but there is no whole Pickerel. Maximum has previously frozen Pickerel.
Smelts: Maximum now has Canadian Smelts from New Brunswick, 5 to 7 inches. No Chilean Sea Smelts.

South America
Swordfish : Good supply and price has increased.
Mahi Mahi : Supply is good.
Chilean Salmon/Steelhead : Good supply on both.
Tilapia: Good supply.

Snappers (B-Liners) : There is a good supply and stable pricing on all Icelandic fish.
Kingfish : Supply is good.
Red/Black/Yellow Edge Grouper : Supply is moderate, price is high.
Amberjacks / Golden Tilefish : There is minimum to no supply.
Blue crab (live) : Soft shell season is over. There is little to no supply and the price is extremely high.
Catfish: Supply continues to be good. Tuesday arrival into Maximum.

Cod/Haddock/Golden Redfish/Arctic Char/Grey Sole/Turbot: There is a good supply and stable pricing on all Icelandic fish.

Skate Wing : Supply is good.
Monkfish : Good supply.
Mackerel : Good supply on Spanish. Atlantic season is over.
Squid : No supply.
Scallops: There is a good supply. Price is higher than normal.

Sea Bass and Sea Bream from Greece have been plentiful with stable pricing.

(Auction- special request)

Steady supply from Greece again. Order by Friday for Wednesday arrival into Maximum.

There is still will be no seafood from Italy.

Get a copy of the Seafood Update PDF here, to print off.